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Salsatina's Anniversary

Salsatina in Naha, is going to have 7th anniversary party.
【!FIESTA! aniversario por 7 anios】
☆5月20日(日) 20:30 〜 25:00
チケット: 男性(前売:2,500yen / 当日:3,000yen)
       女性(前売:2,000yen / 当日:2,500yen)
システム: 食べ放題 & 飲み放題
【7th Anniversary party】
☆May 20 (Sun) 20:30 〜 25:00
Tickets: Men(Adv:2,500yen / Door:3,000yen)
        Ladies(前売:2,000yen / Door:2,500yen)
System: Open Bar & Food
待ってるから みんな来てね!!!
Ven y celebremoslo juntos!!
A word from the owener of Salsatina (by flier about it):
Come and celebrate our 7th anniversary together!!

Golden Week holidays


以前紹介した様にLatin Soulの名護サルサ・パーティーだったり、


Golden Week ( ⇔ as Long holiday season, in  Japan) is comming soon♪

There are many events in those days

as I already talked about a Salsa party in Nago city what Latin Soul presents.

Have fun♪

☆【 韓国風焼肉ビーチパーティー】

会費: 2,000yen (飲み放題、食べ放題)

時間: 12:00 〜22:00 
 【KACHIMBA1551 presents KOREAN BBQ party】 
@ ARAHA beach, Chatan. May 3 (Thu)

 Map (

It's infront of Hamby town shopping mall

Price: 2,000yen (include Food & Drinks)

Time: 12:00 〜22:00


For more info, visit an URL below or call, Office Partida.


☆【Salsa Caliente presents Beach party】 


時間: 10:00 〜 21:00

料金: 2,500yen (飲み放題、食べ放題。但しBBQは18:00まで)

 【Salsa Caliente presents Beach party】

@ TROPICAL BEACH, Ginowan.  May 3 (Thu)

 Map (

Price: 2,500yen (include Food & Drinks)

Time: 12:00 〜21:00

詳しくは下記の番号かmixiのSalsa Calienteコミュニティーへ

For more info, visit "Salsa Caliente" community in mixi or call Salsa Caliente.

TEL: 098-868-6770

☆【SPRING BLING! The Party Cruise! 】

  ★1F ラテン・レゲトン・and more
  ★2F R&B・Hip Hop・Soul・Old School・ plus much more!
  ★3F Special Freak-a-leek show provided by hip hop paradise
  ☆DJs  DJ Tre/DJ Tak@/DJ Hisabo/DJ HI-5IVE

★WHEN  5月5日(土) / May 5 (Sat)
★TIME  9PM〜1AM (出港 10PM ・帰港1AM / leave port: 10PM ・ return: 1AM)
★WHERE  那覇ふ頭 (Naha_futo /port) for more info about the place
★PRICE  Advance $35 or 4,000yen / Door $45 or 5,100yen
※船の定員に制限がある為チケットは要予約です。前売りでチケットが完売になった場合には当日券は無いそうです。 参加希望の方はまずお電話を。


 free for parking (usually, it's a toll parking lot)
 日本語  098-892-3412、 090-1949-9845
 English 090-9785-9260、 090-9781-5383

※Make sure before it reachs the number limit of Cruiser. What if Advance tickets were soldout, then you won't be able to get them for that event.

上記、情報はmixiのOkinawa Salsaコミュニティーより ( / This info is from a topic at "Okinawa Salsa" community, in mixi.


Bomba Latina

那覇市松尾にあるサルサ場【Bomba Latina】がオープン8周年記念パーティーを、那覇市牧志に移転して行うそうです。
a Salsa club 【Bomba Latina】 , Matsuo in Naha city is going to have the 8th anniversary party at the new place in Makishi, Naha city.
Date:4月28日(土)、29日(日) / April 28(Sat)、29(Sun)

New Address:那覇市牧志2-7-26 宮里ビル2階 (国際通り沿い 南西観光ホテル向かい側)

Miyazato Bldg. 2F, Makishi 2-7-26, Naha city (It's on KOKUSAI-DORI, the other side of "南西観光ホテル/ Nansei_kankou_hotel")
Charge:3,000円 (飲み放題、料理付き/ include food, about drinks, You can drink as much as you want)
※28日の23時頃には、STUDIO CLAVERIOサンのレッスン生によるパフォーマンスあり※

※There will be a dance performance by the people from STUDIO CLAVERIO, at about 23:00 on 28th.※
詳しくは↓下記、Bomba Latinaスタッフ、HIYOサンのブログへどうぞ♪
For more info, visit a blog of HIYO with Bomba Latina, below this♪


タイトルの『ORANGE RANGE』を見てビックリしている方もいると思います。

I guess that some of you are surprised when you looked at the tittle "ORANGE RANGE". You might already know but they are 1 of Rock music band united in Okinawa. I got an info that 1 of my friends is in their PV as 1 of dancers behind of them. And the video is like, Latinnized one, because of dancers wear some Samba dance costume. So, I'd love to introduce it to all of you. (he he)

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a New Staff @ Latin Soul...?

2月3月、アチコチ行ったのに、ナカナカ思うように紹介出来てません。 f^_^;
【Latin Soul】です。
ラブリーな新しい スタッフいます♪

I hadn't chance to write things about which Salsa clubs I've visited in Feb. and March.  f^_^;
Today, I'd love to introduce you 1 of those places I went, and I found some different things than I knew about the place.
It's 【Latin Soul】, in Ginowan city.
There is a very Lovely new staff♪
I visited LatinSoul about 4 times on weekends in March, and I could meet her every time I went♪
I'm sure that she will makes you 『HAPPY♪』,  because her name is "Happy".  he he  (^皿^)
Other than a "Happy", I really enjoyed my time there, because I liked an atmosphere. I'd love to go there again. Folks, why don't you visit there when you have a chance?

 070325_2322~0001.jpg 070325_2322~0002.jpg
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