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a NEW TYPE of Salsa lesson

Rieサンは那覇市で、毎週金曜日にサルサ・サークル活動も9pm 〜 10:30pmにやっているそうです。
多分、、、沖縄サルサを知っている人達にRieサンを知らない人はいない。と思いますが念の為、今回は写真ものっけちゃうぞぉ〜♪ d(^o^)
(Rieサン本人のOKは貰っているケド、3名の写真しか入手出来なかったので編集するのはチト難しかった f^_^; )
There is a "Salsa Dance workshop for Ladies", by Rie who is a famous person in Okinawan Salsa people.
She also has class as Salsa Dance club activities from 9pm to 10:30pm on Fridays, in Naha city.
I believe that everyone who is concern with Okinawan Salsa, knows about her but,,, I'm gonna attach her photo, this time.♪ d(^o^)
(I've already got her permission to do so but it was a little bit hard for me to edit 3 people's photo as veiling 2 of them. Because, I could only get this photo. he he f^_^; )
Uh, here is a key info about the workshop, below.
 frontlk4.JPG backnv1.JPG
 『Lady's Flavor -Footwork & Styling Workshop by Rie-』
☆Date & Time: 5月12日(土) / May 12 (Sat), 6pm 〜 7:30pm
☆Place : STUDIO CLAVERIO in Ginowan city.
☆Price : 1,000yen or $10
 You'll be able to bring your own drink (as bottled water) there. 
For more info, visit this MambOki's Website.
E-mail to,
※She's an excellent English speaker. So, feel free to make contact with her, if you had any questions or conserns. 


行って来ました。Bomba Latinaの8周年&移転パーティーへ。

I went to Bomba Latina's 8th Anniversary & Renewal party.
I arrived there at about 22:00, but there were many of people came for them, already.

 070428_2311~0001.jpg 070428_2312~0002.jpg
自分は何となくでも、事前に場所を確認していたつもりでしたが、当日は危うく通り過ぎてしまうところでした f^_^;

I thought I knew the exact point of that place but I almost passed it. f^_^;

So, I'd love to show you how the building looks, in case you haven't been there yet. 
 070428_2303~0001.jpg 070428_2302~0002.jpg   070428_2302~0001.jpg

Bomba Latinaは、このビルの2階です。
Bomba Latina is at the 2nd floor of this building, on KOKUSAI-DORI.
 070428_2339~0001.jpg 070428_2342~0001.jpg
STUDIO CLAVERIOさんによる、パフォーマンスもありました。
There were dance performances by people from STUDIO CLAVERIO.
I took some short movies too, check below this.

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